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A reflection of the disparities of urban experience. Commissioned by the City of Perth for the Grand Lane Light Locker Art Space program (May-September 2015).

The Light Locker Art Space functions to light up a "forgotten" urban site, a dark alleyway between Wellington Street and Murray Street Mall. Since the lockers themselves are literally and symbolically elevated from the viewer's vantage point, it read to me as a spatial manifestation of the discrepancies of urban experience; the flashy and inaccessible office spaces against the derelict public streets. The office is a site of productivity, security and wealth, but probably mundane in itself, so I see the venetian blind as a barrier that goes both ways.

Thank you to Ashleigh and the City of Perth, ABC Blinds, and Sophie for helping me install.
All images courtesy of Thomas Rowe Photography. 3.jpg