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A series of short films exploring the potential for the dynamics of a pre-existing friendship to be presented frankly through heavily manipulated documentation. With Friends was the practical component of my Honours research into relational aesthetics.

During my Honours year I became interested in how relational artworks are usually documented and presented in an objective manner, despite the fact that all artists go through a process of discernment when they choose how to display their work. I decided to downplay the participatory element of relational aesthetics and instead focus on the potential for fiction, exaggeration and manipulation to enter the process of documentation; I wanted to create a heavily authored depiction of a real relationship, with the extent of its authenticity remaining fairly ambiguous.

I filmed conversations between four of my friends and I, then edited the footage and applied a voiceover which framed each conversation as a representation of the power dynamics between us. The films weren't always flattering, but I felt their honesty respected the complexities of each friendship.

Each film had an accompanying didactic and photograph which functioned to introduce the viewer to the history and dynamics our relationship.

The films are password-protected on Vimeo and can be viewed upon request.

Thank you to Graham, Jess, Sophie and Jack for allowing me to depict our friendship, and to Andrew for the generosity of his advice and support as my supervisor. 2.jpg

With Graham presents our conversation as a competitive sport, as we tend to gain each other's admiration through intellectual banter. friends 6.jpg

With Jess situates our conversation in a camping trip I clearly don't want to be on, reflecting the sense of generosity and endurance that characterises our friendship. 1.jpg

With Sophie includes a frank comment made about my practice, and its potential ramifications as postulated by an omniscient narrator from twenty years into the future. friends 13.jpg

With Jack presents our conversation as awkwardly restrained, subtitled with my own thoughts, reflecting the uncertain nature of our friendship after a period of conflict. friends 7.jpg friends 4.jpg friends 3.jpg