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My Endless Love/Work was exhibited as part of No Second Thoughts: Reflections on the Artemis Women's Art Forum, alongside the work of Penny Bovell, Jo Darbyshire and Teelah George. Curated by Gemma Weston, the show was displayed at Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery between the 31st of August and 8th December 2018.

My Endless Love/Work began with a performance in which I conducted a marriage ceremony between myself and my art practice at UWA's Winthrop Hall in front of an intimate circle of friends. Artefacts from the ceremony were exhibited alongside two video works: an amateur handycam recording of the ceremony, and a separate piece entitled Consummation, a "sex tape" of me working in my studio.

From the didactic panel:

"My Endless Love/Work is a performance that the artist will continue until 'death do us part'. Video, photographs and artefacts document a ceremony at which Reudavey has made a public vow of commitment to her artistic practice; she will wear the ring received at the ceremony indefinitely. A second video implies the 'consummation' of the union - the artist working in her studio, alone. My Endless Love/Work continues Reudavey's wry critique of labour conditions for the socially marginalized, which is often centered on her own experience of un-or under-employment and the navigation of its bureaucratic systems. Correspondence with unions, discussion of childcare costs and needs and statistics produced by affirmative action programs in the ARTEMIS archive prompted the artist to consider what structures impact on labour in an age that prioritizes the individual over the collective. Recent events - for example, the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the Same Sex Marriage Postal Survey - have re-framed the traditions of marriage as an expression of progressive politics, whilst also maintaining the monogamous family unit as a societal status-quo. Reudavey connects marriage and its domestic, administrative and emotional labours to artistic practice, highlighting the contractual obligations and social expectations concealed in romantic notions of love and destiny."

Some of the artefacts were repurposed as Christmas gifts for my biological family in the hope that they will become heirlooms; the rest are housed in my home studio. I continue to honour my promise to wear the ring at all times, except when I attend my day job as a waitress.

The No Second Thoughts catalogue, as well as a link to purchase Remembering Artemis, edited by Gemma Weston and featuring a chapter I contributed, can be viewed under the Text section.

Thank you to Gemma, Penny, Jo and Teelah, to Graham and Paul for their documentation of the ceremony, to the install and invigilation team at LWAG, and to the attendees of the ceremony.

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Photo by Ilkka K Photography.